I am the mother of three children, two of which have mobility issues. They use walkers and wheelchairs to get around.

Here is my accessibility audit of our local area, one picture at a time.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gordon Post Office

It's raining cats and dogs today. Unfortunately, i had to run a few errants - an Xray, a visit to the supermarket, and the post office.

And there it all fell apart.

You see, the post office is located in the Gordon Village Arcade. And this is what it looks like

There is no street access, neither from the Pacific Highway nor from the Wade Lane entry. There is no ramp. No travellator. There is, of course, a lift. Which is vital.

But today, the lift is out of order. Which means the post office was not accessible to us. As are almost all the other shops in the Village Arcade (level 4 can be accerssed by lift from the Gordon Centre and footbridge over the highway).

For many people, the post office still provides a vital service. Its just not good enough that the only wheelchair access is not independently (electricity independent) accessible :-(

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