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Sunday, July 19, 2015

And the Gordon Post Office again!


The lift is out of service again. For about three whole weeks!

All that is provided is a "sorry for the inconvenience" notice. There is no temporary access.

So after my visit to the Post Office I went and had a chat to Centre Management. 

They got quite defensive claiming they were not discriminating against anyone. 

I told them that, actually, not providing temporary access, could be indirect discrimination under the DDA. 

They got even more defensive. I got all that "old building" rubbish. I asked them why they couldn't knock up a temporary ramp to allow access, if not to all the shops at least the post office. I mean, that is still an essential service no?

Now in their defence, the work on the lift is being done to "bulletproof" it to increase access. Or so they told me.

Which is why, for today, I left it at an "awareness raising" session and walked out. 

But I swear, if that lift is out of order again  I'm putting in an offical complaint.

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