I am the mother of three children, two of which have mobility issues. They use walkers and wheelchairs to get around.

Here is my accessibility audit of our local area, one picture at a time.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sushi train

Daughter loves sushi train. But:

I went in and asked them if they only have those high bar style tables or any ordinary low ones too?

No, sorry.

So, people in wheelchairs cannot come here?

No, sorry.

Well, you should be sorry sushi Mara in Gordon. You miss out on quite a bit of cash. All it takes is one lower standard table for us to sit at.

We are a family of five. We like sushi train. We often go with the grandparents - that makes it seven. That's five or seven customers lost due to inaccessibility.

We go to the sushi train at the food court in St. Ives Shopping Village. Why? See:

Their entire train is at normal table height and therefore accessible! It really isn't that hard, is it.

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